Latest developments

Despite a heavy teaching load this semester, work on this research project seems to be developing well:

  • All the interviews with WP practitioners have been completed and transcribed.  The transcription service I used JHTS ( provided an excellent and highly efficient service – despite the obligatory small number of amusing mis-transcriptions (I will never quite be able to think the same way about one girls’ school in South London, mentioned by one interviewee, whose name got transcribed as ‘Lower Trade’).  I plan to start a full analysis of this data early in January.
  • I am in the process of arranging focus groups with udnergraduates at universities in London and the East Midlands who participated in widening participation activities whilst at school.  In this neck of the woods I have received an exceptionally high level of interest from students and hope that the interest amongst London students will be similarly high.
  • Finally, I am also working on arranging a focus group with Year 10 school students in the East Midlands who are currently engaged with Aimhigher initiatives, to hear their opinions about aspiration raising activities and how they feel about their ambitions for adult life.  As the project budget is beginning to look quite tight, I have decided not to organise a parallel focus group with school students in London, as I have unpublished data from a recent action research project that can be integrated into this research and serve as a comparison with the the views of teenagers from the East Midlands. 

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